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For further information, request of catalogs or enquiry of price, please feel free to contact us.  We would be delighted to meet your requirements.

Contact to japan office

Tokyo (Head Office)

TEL: +81-3-3209-1771 Fax: +81-3-3209-9275
* Please use the following inquiry form.

Contact to overseas offices


TEL: +65-6225-6331 Fax: +65-6225-6339
E-MAIL: info.sg@shibata.co.jp

Hong Kong

TEL: +852-2377-2039 Fax: +852-2377-1369
E-MAIL: info.hk@shibata.co.jp


TEL: +86-21-6474-6408 Fax: +86-21-6474-9706
E-MAIL: info.sh@shibata.co.jp

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