While fully recognizing that the global environmental preservation and pollution prevention are one of the common and high-priority issues for all humanity, Shibata Co., Ltd. shall aim at becoming a corporate entity that minimizes the burden on the global environment in every single aspect and which also enhances its corporate contributions to the society.

Environmental Policy

Through the businesses of purchasing and marketing electric wires, electric materials, and its processed goods, and also in conjunction with the company’s efforts to do its utmost to have all employees recognize the importance of the environmental protection and to reduce the burden on the environment, Shibata Co., Ltd., hereby, sets the below-described corporate policies.

  1. We shall abide by all environment-related laws and regulations, and shall comply with our customers’ control criteria.
  2. Through our business activities, we shall do our utmost to preserve the environment by reducing waste materials, enhancing natural resources saving and recycling, and by reducing environment-related substances. We shall continuously seek improvements by setting annual environment preservation-related objectives and goals.
  3. We shall proactively respond to our customers’ environment-related demands and try hard to make our products more environment-conscious.
  4. We shall execute environment auditing, and shall continuously seek improvements of the environment management system.
  5. We shall deepen environment-consciousness of our employees, and promote in-house educational campaign in order to take concrete actions.
  6. We shall disseminate these environment policies among our employees, disclose them to the public and try hard to achieve successful implementation of the policies.

October 1, 2005