Our Business

Creating a global business without borders

Established in 1955, SHIBATA has grown to become an electronics components sales company with a focus on electric wire.

In recent years, our business has expanded to various fields globally,
one of which is the water treatment business with our newly opened R&D laboratory.

We will render their expertise and knowledge to support our customers which enhance the value of their business.

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Electronics Business

As a specialized trading company of wire and wire related products, we support production activities of various companies. We will continue to respond to the needs of the market by not only planning and proposing electronic materials related to Japanese manufacturers but also focusing on partner contracts with companies in Asian countries and developing materials for the rapidly growing smartphone market.

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Water Treatment & Environment Business

Since 2013, we started manufacturing filters for liquids, and newly established the water treatment and environmental division. In addition to the filtration business, we are doing various attempts as a new business combining the functions of manufacturers and trading companies by developing new water treatment technologies, market research related to plant plants and bio healthcare, and so on.