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Liquid processing filters are used in a wide range of fields from microfiltering of foodstuffs, brewed liquids, pharmaceuticals and biochemicals, to large-volume filtering such as micro-straining of seawater.
Filters are made of stainless steel, ensuring excellent durability and corrosion resistance. In addition, they maintain a high degree of filtering accuracy through continuous long-term use.


A range of filters between 1 micron and 200 microns is available to suit different applications

MS filters can be used in a wide range of fields from microfiltering of pharmaceuticals, ultrapure water, biochemicals, and so on, to large-volume filtering such as micro-straining of seawater.

The slits are finished to a highly degree of uniformity.

The slits are extremely fine and uniform. You can select a size of slit that meets your filtering requirements, thus realizing more accurate filtering.

Excellent pressure resistance

The simple and tough construction of these filters enables them to withstand pressures of more than 1.0Mpa {10 kgf/cm2}. Consequently, you can use them to filter a wide range of fluids from low viscosity to high viscosity.

Back flushing completely restores filtering performance.

The particles trapped in the filter are removed by applying a reverse jet consisting of a mixture of liquid and compressed air, thus restoring the initial performance of the filter. In back flushing, pressure is applied uniformly to all parts of the slits, leaving no part unflushed. (In the case of a conventional filter, the pores become gradually clogged even if back flushing is carried out, preventing stable operation over a long period. The MS filter completely eliminates this problem.)

Heat resistance

MS filters withstand temperatures as high as 300. Even highly viscous oils can be smoothly filtered at high temperature.

Corrosion resistance

The standard material of the MS filter is SUS316L, enabling a wide range of liquids to be filtered. We can also manufacture filters made of titanium or cupronickel.


  • Refining liquid foodstuffs such as beer, wine, table vinegar, seasoning, whisky, syrup and juice
  • Refining alcohol and, petrochemical products, and filtering oil and other non-aqueous liquids
  • Filtering and recovering the cake in a chemical process

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