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We have wide variety of special, high-quality cables and assemblies.

From flexible microwave coaxial cables that reached 110GHz, to highly bending resistant DVI cables, we have line-up wide variety of special coaxial cables to meet users’ demanding requirements.



Products Applications Features
Flexible Microwave Coaxial Cable Assemblies

-Inside/outside wirings of high frequency equipment

-Lead wire for measuring instruments

-Wiring of various types for radar or communication equipment

-Low loss and Highly Flexible

-Bandwidth range from DC to 110GHz

-excellent phase stability against temperature change and bending.

-Various ways of application

Long-distance Transmission DVI Cable Assemblies Medical institutions, Financial institutions, Transport facilities, etc.

-Maximum of 30 Meters without Power Supply

-Lower pricing and no complicated setup procedure compare to optical transmission systems.

- Easy to connect One-cable configuration.

*Cable has directivity for signal transmission.

High Performance Coaxial Cable (RUOTA Cable) -Semiconductor tesuting
-Measurement device lead wire
-Mobile telecommunications base station
-High-speed differential transmission
-Stable characteristic impedance
-Supports high frequency
-Extremely small phase fluctuation due to temperature change
-Small diameter
-Outstanding heat resistance/chemical resistance
Multi Port Cable Assembly with very small pitch : TMNP series -IC chip test board -16-port cable connector with very small pitch
-Capable of transmission in a range of 67GHz or more
-Low-less, low-reflection
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