20 microns, the smallest diameter of probe needle for inspection of electronic components, developed by TOTOKU.

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Pitches of electrodes have become narrower resulting from more and more compact electronic components, necessitating contact probes compliance with narrower pitches. Recently fine contact probes are required not only for PCB inspection but also for semiconductor testing.
TOTOKU developed the Probe Needle, which is ideal for electronic components with narrow-pitch-wired electrodes through a combination of its proprietary straight suspension wire and surface treatment technologies with newly developed terminal fine-processing technology.


  • Type of head shapes is selectable.
  • Selection of conductor materials available: Beryllium / Tungsten
  • Gold plating and Rhodium plating reduce contact resistance.
  • Fluoroplastic has excellent insulation effect.



・Continuity test of IC package boards
・Continuity test of PC boards with narrow-pitch patternbr /> ・Continuity test of liquid crystal panels
・Continuity test of various kinds of connectors
・TDR test of board wiring [Coaxial probes under development]
・Measurement of Kelvin resistance of multilayer boards(Detection of pseudo contacts) [4-head probes under development]


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