Providing outstanding stability of OIS in smartphones.

Suspension Wire(WHISCUT®)

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Replacing beryllium copper is a new material “Suspension Wire”, a very promising alloy alternative utilizing its ultrafine ( minimum diameter, 0.030mm ) providing outstanding stability of OIS in smartphones.

*Whiscut® is a trademark of TOTOKU Electric Co., Ltd.


  • Superior straightness ( -pat 3786256- ) based on cutting edge technology and advanced process and design development at TOTOKU.
  • Available either on reels and or as cut to length.
  • Products are pre-spooled on reels for a ready-to-use product.
  • We also provide Beryllium-free technical support.
  • We also provide Ultrafine ( minimum diameter, 0.030mm ) technical support.
  • We also provide different types of plating support for surface treatment.
  • We are able to provide samples (prototypes) to mass production, through faster lead time solutions from raw material to production.
  • We also provide mass production for 0.001mm units.


It has been widely used to support optical components from optical pickup to camera module and etc. And recently, due to the growth in smartphone usage. Suspension wire has established itself as one of the key components for the wire type under the built-in camera OIS system.

Its superior characteristics of straightness makes it suitable and desirable for precision cuts in mass productions. Hence increasing yield and production rate, especially in automation of production for reels.


(1)Standard specifications

Item / Type Beryllium Copper Phosphor Bronze New Alloy(Beryllium Free)
JIS (Alloy Number) C1720 C5212
Shape of conductor Round wire Flat wire Round wire Flat wire Round wire Flat wire
Torsion Angle of torsion /m2 Under 180° Under 180° Under 180°
Tensile Strength N/mm2 1100~1500 900~1100 1100~1350
Elongation % Under 5 Under 5 Under 5
Young’s Modules N/mm2 126000 98000 116000
Size Range Wire Diameter (mm) φ0.030~0.200 (+/-0.003) φ0.030~0.200 (+/-0.003) φ0.030~0.200 (+/-0.003)
Wire Length (mm) 10.0~40.0 (+/-0.1~0.3) ※10.0以下も応相談(量産実績あり)
Straightness (mm) Max. 0.030~0.050
◎Please ask on other alloy and specification.


Plating material Tin Silver ※Copper Gold Bare
Code ETP Ag Cp Au
Color of surface Black Silver White Silver Orange Gold Orange
Thickness of film (mm) 0.5-2.0 0.1
Solderability ◎◎
Cost ×
Resistance to oxidation ×
Resistance to sulfidation × ×

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