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Varieties of magnet wire are available.

Magnet Wire is indispensable material for electrical and electronic parts and devices such as motors, hard disk drives, transformers, speakers and electronics parts on motor cars. To meet various requirements, we line up varieties of magnet wire, including but not limited to CCAW (Copper Clad Aluminum Wire), HTW (High-Tension Wire), FPW (Magnetic-plated Wire) and Litz Wire. Our special magnet wire for high precision coils has acclaimed trust and appraisals from industries.


General Magnet Wire (Single-layered Wire)

A wide variety of magnet wires are available for all purposes.

Self-Bonding Magnet Wire (Double-layered Bonding-Wire)

Self-bonding magnet wire is double layered with bonding layer over the general single-layered magnet wire. Combinations of various bonding layer material and insulating film are applicable to diverse needs.

Special Magnet Wire

Taking advantage of our unique technologies on plating and processing of alloy, our special magnet wires, from HTW (High-Tension Wire), CCAW (Copper-Clad Aluminum Wire) to Litz wire carrying high frequency, cope with, and offer high value-added to customers' products.

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