PVC Heater Wires and Heater Element

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Defrosting refrigerators, automatic vending machines and ice-making machines, temperature correction, medical care, and keeping toilet seats warm.


  • There are three types, which have maximum working temperatures of 75℃, 95℃ and 105℃, respectively.
    (For reference: the electric power density for the 105℃ type is 12 W/m max.)
  • Can be easily formed and are inexpensive.
  • Available in a maximum resistance of 10,000 Ω/m

UL specifications

We also supply UL specification products.

Standard : AWM Style 1137
Ratings : 105℃, 300 V max

Cord-shaped heaters and heaters with aluminum foil are available. We can freely design the shape of heaters with aluminum foil. We also terminate the lead wires with various kinds of terminals.

Processed products

  • Cord-shaped heater

  • Heaters with aluminum foil

  • Cross-sectional diagram

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