TOTOKU’s own hollow core dielectric body structure uses RUOTA.

High Performance Coaxial Cable (RUOTA)

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As a result, we are able to achieve high quality features such as excellent mechanical strength with low loss and low capacity in diameter.


  • Stable characteristic impedance
  • Supports high frequency
  • Extremely small phase fluctuation due to temperature change
  • Small diameter
  • Outstanding heat resistance/chemical resistance


・Semiconductor tesuting
・Measurement device lead wire
・Mobile telecommunications base station
・High-speed differential transmission

Characteristic impedance stability

Phase fluctuation due to environmental temperature change

Mechanical strength (bending life)

Mechanical strength (minimum bending radius)

Cable structure

Standard size

Conductor composition Solid wire Standard wire
Conductor material SPC SPC, TCW
AWG size(mm) 24(1/0.511)〜30(1/0.254) 26(7/0.16)〜32(7/0.08)
Dielectric material PFA
Hue Natural hue (translucent) Natural hue (translucent), Optical color (green)
Characteristic impedance (Ω) Application for measuring instruments 50±1 Application for inspection equipment of semiconductors 51±1

※Values within the performance charts are typical values, not guaranteed values.

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