We can provide various kinds of coils for trial and mass productions.

High Precision Coils

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Shibata Co., Ltd. selects the most suitable wire from its large range of magnet wires, and utilizes its winding technology and plastic molding know-how that it has accumulated over many year in order to produce high performance coil products that meet the needs of the customer.

Coil List

Coil name Applications
Bobbinless Coil Coreless motors
Bobbin Coil Industrial equipment (Magnet switches for watt-hour meters)
Induction Heating Coil IH cooking equipment, rice cookers
Micro Coil LD module, medical equipment, video equipment
Sensor Coil Various sensors
Ribbon Coil Compared with a round wire coil, it has a better lamination factor with flat surfaces.
α-winding Coil Line filters for notebook-sized PCs
Thin coil with ends at the winding start and end points.
Edge Width Coil Transformers for HID
Planospiral Coil Contributing to lighter weight electronic products Electromagnetic valves, coreless motors

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