Magnet wire made of two or more copper conductors enameled with polyurethane, etc. and stuck in parallel.

Parallel-laid Multi-wires(SPP-/)

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Cores are readily discernible by their color.


  • Two or more signals can be transmitted simultaneously.
  • Cores are colored for easy distinction.
  • By immersing in alcohol, wire ends can be easily separated.


●SPP-4/2UEW (Example of parallel-laid 4 cores)

The selection of wires and color is made according to the request of the customer.


Head coils,Noise filter

Range of manufacture

n…….No. of conductors  N……Code of conductor type

Code Conductor Dla(mm) No. of Conductors
SPP-n/N 0.02~0.11 2
0.12~0.40 2~4

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