NA Ribbon Wire is our new flat enameled wire with uniform quality of insulation over the surface including the corners.

NA Ribbon Wire

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The new flat enameled copper wire (NA Ribbon Wire) has improvement of uniform quality of insulation over the surface to the conventional flat enameled wire.


  • Excellent insulating characteristic

NA Ribbon Wire (flat wire) surpass the conventional flat wire by dip-coating method and has high voltage resistance by uniform quality of insulation over the surface including corners.

  • Abundant types of insulating film

To meet customer’s needs, there are 7 types of insulating film, UE (Class E / 120℃) ~ AI(Class C / 200℃). NA Ribbon Wire by Polyamide-imide film is made possible by overcoming the difficulties of conventional method.

  • Wide range of Size

Insulating film of the Na Ribbon Wire (flat wire) is capable to cover all conductor corners regardless of the size of the conductor and rolling ratio. Wide range of conductor size from ultra-thin (thickness of 0.025mm) to a thickness of 0.30 mm are available. (Please contact us for rolling ratio of above 1:20)

  • Suitable for various applications of coil winding

NA Ribbon Wire (flat wire) is ideal for flatwise winding and α winding by its wide range of size available. It can also be used without problem in harsh edgewise winding because of the excellent flexibility of coating.

  • Various combinations of bonding layers

Selections to your needs are available from a wide variety of bonding films proudly by FMGW.

  • Excellent cost-performance

FMGW unique enameling techniques is excellent in cost performance compared with other manufacturing method. A wide variety of insulating film is also available.

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