Litz Wire(n/d)

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Litz wire is also called “stranded wire” and is used for high-frequency coils. A variety of enameled conductors are used to meet very diverse temperature indices.


  • Resistance rise in the high-frequency area can be restricted compared to single conductor wire,thus reducing the temperature rise of the coil.
  • Highly flexible.
  • To facilitate easy terminal preparation, solderable enameled copper wires are recommended for component wires.


High-frequency transformers, high-frequency coils

Range of manufacture

n……No. of stranded wires  d……Conductor dia

Code Conductor Type Conductor Dia.(mm) No. of Stranded Wires
UEW n/d UEW 0.03~0.50 7~120
SF.BW n/d SF.BW 0.06~0.50
SF.EIW n/d SF.EIW 0.08~0.50

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