Extra-fine magnet wire develoed for resistance to corrosion caused by solder


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The NEROS layer protects the copper couductor from melting into the solder, contributing to improved reliability and quality of soldering work.


  • Thinning of wire caused by coper melting into molten solder is to minimized. More effective for extra-fine wires.
  • Excellent wettability similar to copper wires.
  • Tensile stength is 5 to 10 percent higher than copper wires.
  • Conductivity 98 percent or more.(IACS)
  • Identical to copper wires in properties of insulating and bonding films.

Immersion-erosion curve-NEROS and copper wires

Elongation-load curve-NEROS and polyurethane enameled copper wires



Small-size inductors, watch coils, coils of ultrafine wires

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