Magnetic-plated Wire (magnetic wire) is a copper conductor covered with a thin layer of highly magnetic material, over which a polyurethane insulating film is enameled.

Magnetic-plated Wire(FPW)

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When used for high-frequency coils, it reduces high-frequency losses by 10% compared to conventional polyurethane enameled copper wire. The reduction is due to the magnetic shielding, which lowers the proximity effect generally occurring in these types of coil, evenly distributes electric current in the conductor, and decreases the effective resistance of the conductor.

→ Click here for the electromagnetic induction coil using magnetic-plated wire


  • Q-characteristics of high-frequency coils are improved.
  • The wire is solderable.
  • Components can be miniaturized.
  • High-performance coils can be designed.


High frequency coils, delay lines

Range of manufacture(Insulation film UE only) ※Please contact us for non-UE.

Code Maximum Frequency Band Used(MHz) Insulating Film Range of Manufacture(mm)
UEFPW 4.5 UE 0.05~0.12


●Measurement example 1 f-Q characteristics of 2UEFPW. 0.08mm dia.,for 4.5MHz

●Measurement example 2 f-Q characteristics of 2UEFPW. 0.08mm dia.,for 10.7MHz

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