Our Electromagnetic Induction Coil is the ideal solution for wireless charging and wireless electricity.

Electromagnetic Induction Coil- For contactless charging / wireless charging

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Technologies of Wireless Charging realize contactless charging or transfer of power to electrical devices.Our high-performance Electromagnetic Induction Coil, by using Litz Wire or Magnetic-Plated Wire, has tackled the problem of skin effect and proximity effect caused by the increase of high-frequency resistance, is the ideal solution for wireless power charging and transfer which are recently the market’s spotlight.


  • High-frequency Coil wound by Litz Wire or Magnetic-Plated Wires
  • High efficiency of transmission
  • Improvement on Quality Factor (high inductance, low loss )
  • Compact and space-saving

Mechanism of contactless charging

We provide coils of either primary side or secondary side by resonance method and electromagnetic induction method for contactless charging.

■Spiral Coil (Normal wire)

■Spiral Coil (Litz Wire)
■α winding spiral coil

■Spiral Coil using Magnetic-plated Wire

■Patented Coil (Registered design)

■Copper Clad Aluminum Litz Wire

■Edgewise Coil using Flat Wire


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