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General Magnet Wires/Self-Bonding Magnet Wires

We are providing an adequate selection of quality wires meant for various purposes. Particularly, our high-precision coils have always been extremely well-received by our customers and users.


General Magnet Wires(Single Wires)

Self-Bonding Magnet Wires

Special Magnet Wires

Electric Wires

The good use of our advanced processing technology, those cables mainly used in the cutting-edge realms such as computer peripherals and communications devices are made to meet our customers’ demand for highly reliable products.


Our years of experiences and proven records on optical pickup coils enable us to provide optimized solutions on coils.

Digital Microscope

Newest, most advanced 3D Digital Microscope by Hirox, ideal for research & development and quality assurance.

Liquid Processing Filter

Eco-friendly products

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